George Orwell 's Animal Farm Essay

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George Orwell’s Animal Farm is perhaps the most serious and adult story about talking animals in the history of modern literature. Animal Farm is an allegory, and to some degree a criticism, of Russia’s descent into communism in the aftermath of the Russian revolution. It was written by Orwell after his experiences with communism in Spain as a warning to the people about the dangers of extreme communism and political corruption. The thinly veiled connection to the Soviet Union was necessitated by their alliance with the British Empire, Orwell’s homeland, at the time of the book’s writing during the Second World War. The story takes place in Manor Farm, a small privately owned farm in England which is populated by intelligent animals. After overthrowing the farmer, Mr. Jones, and his workers, the animals establish a utopian society known as Animal Farm, similar to the Russian revolutions in 1917. However, as time passes a pig known as Napoleon—a stand-in for Joseph Stalin—launches a coup and asserts himself as the dictator of Animal Farm, similar to Stalin’s rise to power. Napoleon proceeds to assert his dominance through a mix of propaganda, political purges and historical manipulation while he and the other pigs take advantage of the other animals’ in order to live in luxury, mimicking the corruption and tactics of the Russian communist party. Orwell uses these thinly veiled allegories to demonstrate life in the Soviet Union in a surprisingly straightforward way, and to…

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