Essay about George Orwell 's Animal Farm

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Sometimes a person is not really what they are upon meeting them. People have a way to make themselves seem like a good person, but really they are not. Some individuals have something within them that triggers them into doing things, only for them. Most times they get away with it because other people do not realize it or want to make them angry, and/ or jeopardize their relationship. This happens frequently, and many times it is within the news and media which is selfish, and it is often seen inside the Government. The Government regularly, only tells the citizens what they want to hear, instead of what is most important. In George Orwell’s Animal Farm he describes what happens during a corrupt Government, and how his life experiences helped shape his political ideology, which is powerfully revealed throughout the novella’s major themes and the literary techniques successfully employed by him.
In the novel Animal Farm, George Orwell provides information about the Russian Revolution, and his life experiences during it. Orwell himself saw in many different occasions of the rough time the war brought to people. “The five years he spent in Burma shaped Orwell to be always sympathetic to individuals victimized by government systems and imperialistic power” (Knapp 2447). George also saw the poverty that had struck the population. According to Steven Serafin, in his article “Animal Farm”.... “Orwell entered the decade in direct opposition to the doctrine of imperialism…

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