George Orwell 's Animal Farm Essay

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George Orwell or Eric Arthur Blair Was George Orwell a great author? Sure, Orwell wrote books that became famous, but is he worthy to be associated with the greats? Well, George Orwell was born on June 25, 1903 in Bengal, India. George was originally given the name “Eric Arthur Blair” at birth. Although, later in life, Blair decided to use the pen name “George Orwell,” which is what most people know him by today. George Orwell might be considered as one of the greats because of the amount of books he wrote, the popularity of his work, and the meanings behind his pieces. First, you need to know some of George Orwell’s books, as an overview to what Orwell wrote about, how much he wrote, and how popular his books were. George Orwell has written a lot of books which include, Down and Out in Paris and London, Burmese Days, A Clergyman 's Daughter, The Lion and the Unicorn, Coming Up for Air, Animal Farm, 1984, and many more (Sheffetz, 1115). Blair’s Animal Farm and 1984 are what most people know him for because those are his two most popular books. George Orwell has written a ton of books, so if one doesn’t suit you, you can perhaps read one from a different genre. This could be a factor that has contributed to the success of Orwell.
As already stated, Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four are Eric’s two most famous books. What makes this book stand out from all of the rest? Could it be that Orwell got lucky with Animal Farm and 1984? Well, for Animal Farm, it could be the…

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