Essay about George Orwell 's Animal Farm

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“All Animals are Created Equal” said the comrades in agreement (Orwell 21). This quote in George Orwell 's novel Animal Farm provides the animals with equality and to make no animal more powerful than another. Until one day Napoleon and Snowball try to take over “Animal Farm” for their own ruling. Napoleon is to be known as Joseph Stalin and Snowball is known as Leon Trotsky. George Orwell’s dystopian story is written in form of an animal fable but has a strong historical meaning behind it. Throughout this book the Russian Revolution of 1917 and many forms of governments are portrayed. The forms of government are all related to each other in their own way but tie into the novel excellent. They are Monarchy, Socialist Democracy, Communist Society, and Stalinist Communism. George Orwell presents this through a well detailed story of conquering and controlling. This story takes place at Manor Farm originally ran by Mr.Jones before Napoleon and Snowball gained control after having a successful rebellion against Jones. With this comes the Seven Commandments that all animals must follow which forms the basis of Animalism. As days go on all is well at “Animal Farm” with all the animals doing their daily jobs until one day Jones and his men return to attempt to retake the farm, this battle was known as “The Battle of the Cowshed”. Snowball and Napoleon quickly take action when they pulled out their plan they had all set up and defeated them. After that they sung their song of joy…

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