George Orwell 's Animal Farm And Jimmy Fallon 's Comic Clip Of Donald Trump

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Both George Orwell’s allegorical tale, Animal Farm and Jimmy Fallon’s comedic clip of Donald Trump employ satire to demonstrate that some people are unfit to lead because they use fear and terror to maintain power. Orwell believes that any society where leaders have absolute power would fail because inevitably leaders use power for their own benefit. He criticises the failures of the Russian revolution and the subsequent totalitarian regime to provide strong and fair leadership and to establish equality. Orwell uses his simple farmyard fable to highlight the gaps between Bolshevik revolutionary ideals and practice as he mocks the totalitarian pretence that such societies can be regarded as equal. Jimmy Fallon’s piece of Horatian satire makes a travesty of US Presidential candidate, Donald Trump in order to ridicule his policies and perspectives. Fallon employs humour and wit to tackle the serious issue of who is fit to lead the United States. He shows the American voters that Trump should not be taken seriously in the Presidential race because his leadership will be divisive and he will create inequalities based on fear and ignorance. Both composes share the view that their political figures are unfit to lead and will predictably result in inequality.

Orwell’s Animal Farm demonstrates how control is exercised and maintained by tyrannical leaders as they are corrupted by absolute power. Although Jones, Snowball and Napoleon symbolise different beliefs, they all prove…

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