Essay on George Orwell 's ' 1984 '

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As a society we define our heroes as people who have courage, the courage to stand up to an oppressing force and succeed. Yet, should we honor them even if they do not succeed. In George Orwell 's 1984, the main character Winston fights against the oppressing and omnipresent party to be able think freely. Throughout the book Winston struggles in a personal war against the party, meanwhile, society has lost this battle against the party. In the reader 's eyes Winston represents a beacon of hope throughout the book because he has the courage to stand up to the infallible party. By the readers seeing Winston with these qualities of hope and courage he becomes a hero and in the end displays heroism in his fight against the party. Winston is Heroic because even though he doesn’t succeed in the impossible feat of overthrowing the party, he is still heroic because he had the courage and will to stand up and fight for his humanity and never loses it throughout the pain.

Throughout the book Winston continuous and unrelenting fight against the party shows his strength and courage to take on such a large and menacing opponent. In the beginning of the book Winston 's begins to realize that he dislikes the party and wants to take a stand against it. Winston believes morally that what they are doing is wrong and he searches to find a purposeful way for him to rebel. He discovers this when he begins to write in the a diary about his true feelings about the party. In the passage Winston…

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