George Orwell And The Vision Of 1984 Essay

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Orwell and The Vision of 1984 When George Orwell finished his landmark novel 1984 he had lived a life that is difficult to compare. His first hand experiences with totalitarianism and imperialism culminated in one the best and wildly known dystopian novels. Though known primarily as a journalist during his life, his success is associated with 1984 (“Biography of George Orwell”). The story shows the reasons why this is true. It is difficult to read this book and not worry about what one might do in the same position. What one could do. One main idea that runs through the novel include the lack of opportunity and experiencing that which is forbidden by society. This society is bleak and uncompromising. The novel shows how far ideals forced by society can push a person to seek the new and unknown. Orwell 's work is famous for its ability to make one feel and experience the character 's dilemma while looking to our own world for too near similarities and opportunities. George Orwell had served in Burma for the British, fought in the Spanish Civil War, been homeless, and written several essays and books before World War II. During World War II, he worked briefly as a correspondent to “gain Indian and East Asian support for Britain’s war effort”. This was part of a propaganda campaign and he was quoted as saying the work made him feel like “ 'an orange that 's trodden on by a very dirty boot '” (“Biography of George Orwell”). It was after the war and…

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