George Orwell 1984 Analysis

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In recent discussions of George Orwell 1984 a controversial issue has been whether our world is headed to a world of technology. George Orwell predicted that by the year 1984 we will be living with technology and will be a way of life.
It starts small with propaganda selling you things like phones or computers not for you to believe it’s a luxury, but to make you believe you need it. “We shall meet in the place where there is no darkness (Orwell 124).” This means that there is a place for everyone where everything is perfect and there is nothing bad that can hurt you again. I can relate to this because I use technology but I try my best to interact with the world and my friends and family. Also a call to action instead of staying at home to
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“War is peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength (Orwell 4).” This means they want us to believe fighting is for peace we are given laws, rules, and limits for freedom, and ignoring what they say will give you happiness. When I was small I used to love seeing movies with war because I thought it was so cool. As I grow older I started to find it things one of them was that war was real and people die from it. I was scared at first then I just saw reason why they went some aren’t bad but still killing for peace isn’t good either just because you and me don’t get along doesn’t mean we have to stay a quarrel. Orwell understood that also with technology the envy of people also grew so more and more wanted what we had until they created their own now were on a thread not trying to create a world war …show more content…
People try their best to hide it and pretend like if it didn’t exists. “If you want to keep a secret, you must also keep it from yourself.” This means that you know things that hurt and make you suffer or either can make others feel pain so you don’t say anything and make it as if you don’t know that thing you keep it a secret because of fear. I’ve kept many secrets from myself because I don’t want to get down sad or depressed. It’s almost always a secret of weakness I believe it’s true because I’ve kept things or try to forget about things to not feel sad. We always look for a way out of things no matter what the cost is we just can’t deal with the pain of the truth in our own

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