Essay about George Of Mice And Men

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George is introduced as a nurturing character, with the objective of caring for Lennie and protecting him from harm. This is demonstrated in at the beginning of the novella when George prevents Lennie from drinking ‘so much’ water, so he will not be come ‘sick like [he] was last night’. This implies that George has to protect Lennie from his own naivety and the negative implications it has on his health. Despite not wanting to allow Lennie to suffer in any way, George is unable to watch over Lennie constantly and is frequently unable to stop Lennie from making the wrong decisions, which is ultimately the cause of Lennie’s death.
The relationship between George and Lennie is strengthened by George’s caring temperament and paternal love for Lennie. We observe the development of George’s character throughout the novella, particularly the sacrifices he will make for Lennie in order to care for him. Whilst, George frequently lectures Lennie on how he ‘could get along so easy’ without Lennie, he stays loyal to his friend and never leaves him. This implies that the paternal love that George has for Lennie is more valuable than his own happiness. By taking care of Lennie, George also sacrifices love, as George believes he could ‘Maybe have a girl’ if he left Lennie. This implies it is the dearest sacrifice George is able to make, as a relationship would allow him to share his dreams someone who is also mentally developed. By choosing Lennie, George is condemning himself to…

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