Essay about George Obama 's Influence On The Way People Think And Act

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Throughout all kinds of text, writers and speakers strategically use different tactics and diction when looking to address a certain topic in a way that will impact the way people think and act upon a specific subject. Whether the text has a purpose of persuading or simply is for mere enjoyment, writers will intentionally use these tactics to their advantage to get a point across or to invoke emotion into a touchy or risky subject. In modern society, a touchy subject may include politics. Evidently, countries are shaped by the actions of their leaders, and the future of that said country is developed through the perspectives that citizens have upon their leader. Take into account, for example, the reputation that President Barack Obama has upon the United States of America. Barack Obama, a well-educated, sophisticated leader, grew up with a harsh childhood and favorably built himself up to create a reputation great enough to get him elected as president. His life experiences include: the death of his mother, growing up in a single-parent home, and financial struggles while getting through college. One might ask, what makes someone reliable enough to let them decide the fate for an entire nation? This thought is explained and addressed in the documentary of “A Mother’s Promise”, which has the sole purpose of convincing people that Barack Obama is credible enough to run the United States as a president. Throughout strategic selections of diction and presentation, the creators…

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