Essay on George Malley As A Gifted Person

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When looking at an individual and deciphering if he/she can be classified as a gifted person, there are several criteria that one needs to take into consideration. For identification purposes, educators and other professionals no longer solely look at one’s fixed intelligence but other aspects that when stimulated and nurtured can grow a person’s talents whether cognitive, intuitive/creative, or motor/sensory expressions. “Growth of intelligence depends on the interaction between our biological inheritance and our environmental opportunities to use that inheritance” (Clark, 1997, p. 26). Because of this, careful considerations need to be made to ensure that individuals are afforded the opportunities to reach his/her full potential. In identifying a character in the movie, “Phenomenon,” that could be identified as a gifted individual, George Malley is a likely candidate. The main character, George, who is played by John Travolta, is a single man in his mid-thirties who lives alone and owes an automotive business in the town where he was born and raised. George works as a mechanic at his business and has two other gentlemen that work with him. George’s non-biological family consists of his best friend, Nate Pope, and the doctor he has known all his life, Doc Brunder. George’s only other contact with people regularly involves those he works with or that hang out at the local bar. His love interest is a women named Lace Pennamin. Throughout the movie, George works…

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