George Killed Lennie Wrong

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In the novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, there are two men named Lennie and George. George is portrayed as a leader and a caregiver for Lennie who is mentally ill and childlike. Lennie ends up being shot in the back of the head, because of his careless actions. Lennie was careless by killing animals all the way up to killing an innocent life. When Lennie started killing mice,George did not think anything of it because he knew Lennie did not mean to. Lennie then killed a puppy, and George was second guessing Lennie’s presence around the animals. Lennie made a huge mistake of being around Curley’s wife and ended up killing her. George was right to have killed Lennie because he saved Lennie from a painful death by Curley and the guys, …show more content…
However, George saved Lennie from doing wrong in the future because he knew what Lennie was capable of. Steinbeck says, “For a moment Lennie seemed bewildered. Then he whispered in fright, “I done a bad thing. I done another bad thing”(91). Lennie did not know what he was doing at the time of his killings. After he saw that the bodies were not moving, he then realized that he made a mistake. While Lennie ran off by himself after he killed Curley’s wife, he started to hallucinate that he saw his dead Aunt Clara. Aunt Clara said,” You never take no care. You always do bad things” Lennie answered, “I tried Aunt Clara , ma’am. I tried and tried. I couldn’t help it” (Steinbeck 101). Lennie knows the difference between right and wrong, but he does not know when he is doing the wrong thing.
George was right to have killed Lennie because George would have had to keep covering up for Lennie’s mistakes. Lennie is dangerous because he is clueless. He has the sweetest heart, but he just was not meant to be by himself or around other people besides George. Lennie depends of George all of the time, and if George was not around then Lennie would cause a lot more damage. Lennie is not the type of person that is meant to do normal

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