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George Harrison was an English guitarist, singer, and songwriter. He is most famously known for being the lead guitarist in the Beatles. Known as the "Quiet One" in the band, he wrote some of their most popular songs such as “Here Comes The Sun,” “Something,” and “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.” After his success with the Beatles, he went on to have a long and successful solo career. Through Harrison 's interest in Eastern culture, he introduced the Western World to Indian mysticism, philosophy, and the sitar. George Harrison’s contribution to music and popular culture irrefutably made him one of the most influential musicians of the twentieth century.
On February 25, 1943 George Harrison was born in Liverpool, England. It was the middle of
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In an interview commenting on his trip, Harrison said, "I had this lingering thought that just stayed with me after that and this thought was 'the yogis of the Himalayas '" (George Harrison). He had never thought about them before or anything related to it. That thought lingered with him until 1965 when David Crosby introduced Harrison to Indian classical music and a man named Ravi Shankar. Shankar was an Indian musician and a master sitar player. Harrison picked up the sitar and learned to play. "Norwegian Wood" was the Beatles ' first song that featured the sitar. This sparked many other rock and roll artists to use the sitar as well, such as Brian Jones from The Rolling Stones. Harrison stated that he had never met anyone that had impressed him before he met Ravi Shankar in 1966 (George Harrison). Shankar took Harrison as his student and taught him "so much without saying a word, but by example" (George Harrison). He helped lead Harrison spiritually, as well. Later that year, Harrison traveled to Srinagar, India and practiced the sitar "at the foot of the Himalayan mountains surrounded by fields of golden saffron flowers" (Greene). Here in this "idyllic setting," Harrison was able to immerse himself into music and spend hours reading about ancient Indian teachings (Greene). Hinduism arrived to Harrison at a time when he began to yearn for something deeper in life. He had money, fame, and drugs, …show more content…
He was only allowed a few songs here and there on each album. Harrison was constantly on his own and "had no one to work with because John and Paul were always competing with each other" (George Harrison). This did not stop him from creating music and he turned his attention to artists and friends like Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton. Harrison had been a big fan of Dylan for years and, in 1968, visited him in Woodstock with Pattie Boyd. Harrison was "already disillusioned with the Beatles ' increasingly fractious and dislocated working methods" and wanted to see how Bob Dylan and The Band worked together (Thomson). During his visit, he formed a friendship with Dylan, which Harrison 's wife Olivia would later call, " 'a soul connection '" (Hiatt). Harrison "came back smitten by the collective spontaneous spirit" of The Band (Gilmore). Shortly after returning from Woodstock, the Beatles held the Let it Be sessions. The album was "an attempt to steer the Beatles in a more organic, rootsy direction," similar to and very influenced by The Band (Thomson). Like Harrison, the other Beatles would travel and have different people inspire them, but once they met up again they did not work well together. As Pattie Boyd put it, " 'the intensity that they had together must have had its limits and had to explode at one point '" (George Harrison). The Let it Be sessions were not a pleasant time for

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