George Counts Of The Great Depression Essay

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A famous figure in American education, George Counts is known for being a distinguished scholar and teacher as well as an eminent social and political activist during the period of the Great Depression. He held many opinions about education and the economy, which he made clear in his 1932 publication, Dare the School Build a New Social Order? In this article, Counts discusses the widespread challenges brought on by the economic hardships, and he also points out that an indispensable change is needed in the educational and political systems. For that reason, he presents his point of view using three main themes: the denigration of child-centered progressives, the importance of teaching roles in achieving educational and social reform, and the idea to reform the American economy. Counts’s publication is based on building a better social order in creating a new tradition in American life. Our common misunderstanding of the role of education within society is that schools are driven by societal change rather than the foundation. Throughout this article, Counts continues to enforce the idea that schools are more influential in society than we know, and they should be accepted as important drivers of change. He does this by denouncing Progressive Education, and the belief that education will solve all of our problems, which is not practical. Education in America is always changing: it started by prioritizing religion and upper class privileges and then developed into a…

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