George B Mcclell The Great Organizer Of The Potomac Essay example

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Ranson George B McClellan (1826-1885 is remembered as the great organizer of the Union Army of the Potomac. He was given the nickname "Young Napoleon," and he was incredibly popular with those who served under his command. His particular style of leadership, however, put him at odds with President Abraham Lincoln, which would end up messing up his military and political fortunes. McClellan began his brilliant military career by entering the United States Military Academy in the year 1842. He eventually graduated second out of a fifty-nine-person class in 1846, alongside 20 others who would eventually ascend the ranks too general during the Civil War. He was appointed too brevet second lieutenant in the Corps of Engineers and served under the leadership of General Winfield Scott during the Mexican-American War, and provided critical support in constructing roads and bridges for the American army. As a recipient of promotions to not only first lieutenant but too captain, he returned to West Point as a professor after the war, and helped with the translation of a French manual on successful bayonet tactics. McClellan’s also provided service as an engineer at Fort Delaware, lead groups of men to explore the Red River, and oversaw the exploration of possible routes for the transcontinental railroad. He was also a military observer during the Crimean War. In 1857, McClellan resigned from the military to take a position with the Illinois Central Railroad. As the civil war…

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