Georg Ferdinard Ludwig Philipp Cantor Essay

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Born March 3, 1845, Georg Ferdinard Ludwig Philipp Cantor, begin his life in the northwestern corner named Russia within the well-populated merchant colony of Saint Petersburg. The oldest of six children, Cantor was a great violinist. Taking after his grandfather, Franz Bohm (1788-1846) who played in a Russian imperial orchestra. Opposite from his grandfather was Cantor’s father a member among the Saint Petersburg stock exchange, and he was an ace at that, for that the money Cantor’s father would leave Cantor a very large inheritance which will fund his research and education thru out his lifetime. During the year 1856 Cantor just eleven years old will watch his father become ill and uproot the family first traveling Wiesbaden, Germany, but later moving more east an settling within Frankfurt, Germany withdrawing themselves from the winters harshness. Cantor would soon graduate in 1860 achieving distinction from the Realschule Darmstadt, the city state of Hesse in Germany; with his skills in mathematics and trigonometry being well above average. In 1862, he would continue his education by enrolling into the Swiss Federal Polytechnic; which is a university that studies science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Sadly, in 1863 Cantor’s father would pass away, leaving him with a substantial inheritance, allowing him to transfer to the University of Berlin, where Cantor would attend lectures from his heroes which he admired Leopold Kronecker, Karl Weierstrass, and Ernst…

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