Geometry Of Fire Analysis

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Stillwater, Oklahoma, recently opened the Oklahoma State University Art Museum. This museum has had various exhibitions since it’s opening, including the James Rosenquist Exhibition. One of the most talked about pieces of the exhibition is Geometry of Fire.
Geometry of Fire is an oil painting on canvas that measures 128 inches by 300 inches. The painting itself takes up a whole wall in the museum, which forces the view to stand at the opposite wall of the room if they would like to see the whole painting at the same time. Star-like shapes, rocks, stars, and flames are all objects present in the subject of the painting. The painting is landscape, however it appears somewhat segmented into three parts, with each segment looking like they would
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There are flames surrounding an object that looks like a rock with stars on it. The most distinct feature of the painting is the triangles of alternating scenes in the middle of the painting. The design is very geometrical and chaotic. Looking at the painting, the viewer would see it is very vertical, very busy, very colorful, and probably wouldn’t be able to see a clear meaning in the painting. The triangles in the middle of the painting are behind the flaming rock and black and white design on either side, which adds depth to the painting. There is no clear light source for the painting and there are no shadows, but the colors are highly contrasted, and illogical. The painting appears to be very deep, however there is not much perspective in the painting. There is a lot of movement in the painting; the flames on the left are brought to life with the use of different shades of red and yellow. The lines on the right are very fluid, which adds movement as well. The medium of the work, oil on canvas, allows Rosenquist to achieve the high contrast of the piece, as well as the blending of different shades of color throughout the work. I think the painting is quiet balanced, but I do not see a logical scale or compositional relationship, however I am mesmerized by the starry theme of the painting and the vibrant colors …show more content…
The meaning of the work, however, is unclear at first glance. Rosenquist, being a pop artist from the 1960’s, probably designed this piece so it would have no meaning, and therefore giving it meaning. Geometry of Fire is about breaking away from the cultural norms, and just creating something, even if it doesn’t have an obvious meaning or symbolic reference. When compared to other pop artist, such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, a parallel are easily drawn, and supports my interpretation of the artwork. The artwork might have a personal meaning to Rosenquist, however there is no obvious meaning in the subject matter for the

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