Essay on Geometry And Eratosthenes : Physics

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Geometry and Eratosthenes In Professor Russ physical science class, there’s a plethora of subjects you, as a student, are bound to cover. This semester we had discuss over twenty different fields of science; the first being Geometry and Eratosthenes computing circumference of earth. We started the final semester off with two worksheets. The first was the “Angles of a Triangle”, we had to cut out the three angles of the triangle and piece them together in a shape. The three angles form a straight line; which led us to theorize that when you take three angles of a triangle and put them together they form a straight line. After the Angles of Triangle assignment, the next was parallel line cut out exercise. From this assignment we learned that equal angles should fit together, and that angles are equal in quadruplets. However, when we added numbers to our angles, from
Eratosthenes Earth Circumference assignment, we learned that to put numbers on an angle you have to divide the arc length the circumference, the diameter, or radius.

Celestial Lights Movements Theorist The second subject we went over was Ptolemy, Copernicus, Tycho Brahe, Keplers theories of Celestial Lights Movements and. Now, according to Ptolemy the Earth is standing still and the sun and stars are circling the Earth. On the other hand, Copernicus thought that the earth was circling the sun and the surrounding stars were still. Tycho Brahe believed that the
Earth doesn’t move and the sun plus…

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