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The aim of this study is to describe the features found along the course of the Wag Water

River at Golden Spring St. Andrew and Toms River St. Mary and explains how they were




The Wag Water River is located in the parishes of St. Andrew and St. Mary, Jamaica.

The river flows northwards from the hilly interior of Stony Hill and enters the Caribbean Sea

at Annotto Bay St. Mary as shown in figures 1 and 2.

Figure 2: Map Extract, Golden Spring and Environs

| |Main Road |
| |River |
| |Contours |


Figure 2: Map Extract; Tom’s River, St. Mary

| |Main Road
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The numerous cracks present in the face of the rocks along the cliff resulted from frequent movements along the Wag Water Fault Zone. The process of faulting has influenced the development of the channel here at Golden Spring to the extent that the river exploited the fractures, eroded the materials and deposits them further down stream. The angular fragments of rocks called screes, which accumulate at the base of the cliff in the river channel, are reflective of these movements. These rock fragments eventually become bed load. A number of springs issue from the scarp slope, about 4 metres above the river bed and ensure a constant deposition of weathered sediments into the channel. These springs appear just about where the weathered permeable rocks meet the impermeable. Water which percolates through the weathered overlay accumulates on the impermeable and issue as springs where the water table meets the surface. Another outstanding feature identified at locality one is the flood plain.

Plate 2 showing the flood plain at Golden Spring.

This feature, highlighted in Plate 2, is a gently sloping area of land which is formed from an accumulation of sediments brought down by the river during periods of flood. A river’s volume increases during flooding and its ability to carry large volumes of sediments also increases. With a wider wetted perimeter it experiences an

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