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Quiz 1
Question 1 of 25
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Which country is not located within one of the world's three largest population clusters:


B.the United States




Answer Key: B

Question 2 of 25
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Which of the following statements about B climates is incorrect?

A.B climates only occur in the low latitudes.

B.B climates may be divided into BW (true desert) and BS (semiarid steppe) subtypes.

C.A pervasive characteristic of the world's dry areas is a large daily temperature range.

D.An example of an area exhibiting the BW climate type is the central Sahara.

E.B climates occur in Australia.

Answer Key: A

Question 3 of 25
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The current interglacial period is
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A.McDonald's opening in France


C.The expanding use of English

D.Japanese cars being made in Thailand

E.Tariffs imposed on automobiles

Answer Key: E

Question 17 of 25
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The core areas of the world:

A.Include areas located only in the Northern Hemisphere

B.Include areas located only in Europe and North America

C.Are constituted by countries that do not contain areas of underdevelopment

D.Include most of the countries of East Asia

E.Constitute the area where the richer countries are clustered

Answer Key: E

Question 18 of 25
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In regional geography, relative location: more meaningful and practical than absolute location

B.refers to the latitude of a place

C.refers to the longitudinal position of a point on the Earth's surface

D.a and b above

E.all of the above

Answer Key: A

Question 19 of 25
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An index of regional disparity would be useful for examining:

A.Economic differences between different regions of a country

B.Political differences between functional and formal regions

C.Temperature differences between core and periphery

D.Similarities among African and

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