Geography And Environment Influenced Indian Civilization Essay

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Geography and environment influenced Indian civilization. India is located near many other civilizations like the Middle East and the Mediterranean. These contacts brought new ideas and items into India that furthered its growth. New artistic styles, political concepts, and important contacts with Hellenistic culture were presented to India due to it proximity to influences. On the other hand, the Himalayas led to a division between the subcontinent that led to weaker political unity. Furthermore, The Indus and Ganges rivers played a role in farming and transportation. In conclusion, geography and environment majorly affected how Indian civilization formed and expanded. Aryan society became very influential to many other civilizations and had many religious and social institutions. Aryan society and politics focused greatly on strict organization in villages. Villages had specially chosen leaders and families that were patriarchal and tightly knit. Indian civilizations used the Caste system where there are specific social classes. The highest groups were the warriors, governing class, and priests, then traders and farmers, than common laborers, and then untouchables. Aryan’s religion contained many gods or goddesses such as Indra, the god of thunder and strength. Aryan society had many specific religious institutions like polytheism and social institutions like the caste system that helped the society function. Hinduism has many beliefs and it evolved in the…

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