Gentrification Of Los Angeles County Essay

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I remember all the puzzling thoughts that were going through my head, as the TA spoke. "Gentrification? No that must not be true, it can 't be true! It was the first time in my lifetime that I 've ever heard of the word. How could have it been going on in Los Angeles? How can it still be happening in different communities? I 've lived in the Los Angeles County my whole life, I think I 'd know the word if it was happening to the communities that surrounded me. Maybe my TA and classmates were thinking of another county, because I think I would of heard of all this." I wrote down notes on the term, but I still didn’t believe that gentrification in Los Angeles occurred.
The following week, It was time for me to begin my Service Learning hours. Coming out of the bright yellow cab, I couldn’t take my focus off the beautiful houses that surrounded the middle school campus. I was about to walk into a school that seemed to be full of wealthy people. As my group and I got closer to the front door, the amount of butterflies in my stomach increased. It was time, time for me to meet the teenage students that I was going to mentor and guide. I had no clue, on how I was going to give them advice. I came from a low-income community that didn 't have the greatest education system, so how was I going to mentor and guide student 's through this experience in which I didn 't relate to. It was time, we were inside the middle school ready to meet the counselor, and ready to receive our duties.…

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