Gentrification Is An Issue Of Urban Renewal Essay

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“In Queens, Balking at Change, Even if It’s Called Improvement.”(NYTimes,Turkewitz) , and “From Exclusionary Covenant to Hyper-Ethnic Diversity” (Geographical Review,Miyares) by Vincent Irizarry
Gentrification is an issue that entails complications for those living within a community that is being changed. Gentrification means the process of urban renewal throughout areas within the city. Julie Turkewitz, a reporter who specializes in Latin American studies investigates a proposed Business Improvement District in the incredibly diverse neighborhood of Jackson Heights, Queens. Through her article "In Queens, Balking at Change, Even if It 's Called Improvement" Turkewitz finds an ethnic enclave that fears a loss of culture if the Business District is approved. In Turkewitz ' article there is the perspective from one business owner that the neighborhood will have significant changes due to the BID. So what makes a neighborhood susceptible to change? What are some of the policies enacted by the government that have allowed Jackson Heights to become so diverse. In The Geographical Review article " From Exclusionary Covenant to Ethnic Hyperdiversity", Ines M. Miyares gives us a neighborhood profile of what has allowed the neighborhood to become such a microcosm.
Julie Turkewitz used participant observation to stroll about the neighborhood on an average day, took insights, and interviewed local business owners on their perspective of a slated Business Improvement District.…

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