Genogram Narrative Family Systems Essay

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Genogram Written Narrative
HSC 6323/Family Systems
June 15, 2011
Professor Michael Hardin
Lubbock Christian University

Genograms are an excellent way to show the multigenerational family as a whole. When looking at a genogram, it is easier to see various pieces of information that exist within the family system. When creating a genogram, it is necessary to obtain a great deal of information to allow for accuracy as well as proficiency within the genogram. Overall, a genogram is helpful to find patterns in the family system, and recognize traits that may have been unknown. Throughout this segment is a personalized summarization of a genogram, an examination of the contemporary family, a
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This church is a branch off of the Mormon Church. As my parents grew older and were away from their families, they each began searching the Bible and felt that the church they had come from was not Biblically sound, and together they made a decision to leave the church. They began searching for churches, and eventually found the Church of the Nazarene. This is the church that I grew up in. As soon as my mother and father separated, my Dad became involved and a member of the Presbyterian Church, and my Mother was forced to leave her church as she moved out of state and is a part of a Christian Church. I decided that I no longer wanted to be associated with any sect of a church, and have become a non-denominational Christian. My husband grew up in the Church of the Nazarene, and the college we attended was affiliated with this church. His parents both grew up in this church, but due to a falling-out within the church, his parents have become members of the Wesleyan Church.
Analysis Discussion After completing the genogram map, one of the most important aspects of the assignment is to analyze the information learned and put it all into perspective. When I took the time to look at the different patterns in my multigenerational family, I noticed that on my father’s side there is a history of cancer, emotional problems, and abuse issues. Looking at the map in this way has helped me open my

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