Genogram In Social Work Essay

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Within Social Work the relationship between theory and practice is largely controversial. Coulshed and Orme (1998) argue that 'theory informs and enlarges practice...theoryless practice does not exist; we cannot avoid looking for explanations to guide our actions '. This is also supported by Thompson (2000) who describes theory as providing practice with the 'essential raw material for understanding and action '. The concept of theory is often confused and misinterpreted due to the complex nature and conflicting dogmas within a discipline. It is firstly important to clarify what is meant by the term 'theory '. Theory can be described as an 'attempt to explain a providing a structured set of concepts that help us to understand …show more content…
Guerin and Pendagast (1976) were the first to publish a chapter on the genogram, and it was later developed by Mcgoldrick and Gerson (1985) who increased its applications to marriage and family therapy. The genogram is a highly respected tool within Social Work and has been used by multitude of professionals such as Psychologists, Doctors, Therapists and Social Workers for many years (Demaria, Weeks and Hof, 1999). The genogram consists of a family tree which depicts marriage, deaths, births and some details on qualities belonging to relationships. The diagram A represents the symbols used in the genogram and diagram B demonstrates a genogram of Megan Jones client …show more content…
As the genogram highlights areas where relationships may be stressed or may have ended, in order to target these for invention, this would suggest that conflict within a family is a negative factor. Forder (1982) argues that conflict within system is does not always source negative outcomes and may contribute towards the family maintaining a healthy balance within a system, promoting resilience and flexibility to change. This would assume that Megan not communicating with her parents may not be an area which should be intervened and may provide Megan 's system with a balance it requires. However, this does not take into consideration individual differences; the same conflict may add resilience in one family but cause destruction in another

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