Genocide And The Holocaust

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Genocide has been an unfortunate reoccurrence throughout history, with the Holocaust leading the way for all the others. The Holocaust can be traced back to 1933, when Hitler captured the position of chancellor and for 12 years over six million Jewish civilians would perish at the hands of the Nazi Party. It is true that Genocide had occurred earlier to this atrocity in Armenia, killing approximately two million, and it cannot go unsaid that millions more would perish in genocides yet to come in Darfur, Rwanda, and even more countries. Although all of these dark periods in time share the name of genocide, the Holocaust is different from the rest due to the want to eliminate every Jewish person alive, the industrial killing, and the Anti-Semitism …show more content…
Due to this excessive planning and the documentation they possessed, the Nazis could go throughout Europe and collect every last Jewish person. The Star of David was enshrined on the clothes of the Jewish minority so it was impossible to deny any accusations of Judaism. Making it easier for the Nazi’s was that they had spies or traitors, living inside the towns who sold out the Jewish people to the Nazis when they invaded. Cesia Kingston, a Holocaust Survivor, was asked why she did not leave and she responded, “You couldn’t. They didn’t let you. You couldn’t,” (Notowitz). Ms. Kingston’s account provides evidence pointing towards the fact that there was nowhere to go, while in Rwanda bordering countries were accepting of fleeing Tutsis. In truth, the other genocides were mass slaughtering administrated by a government, giving a license to kill. The Holocaust was a systematic plan to round up all said to be perpetrators, and kill the entire group when all were accounted for. Records would be pulled from towns and every Jewish resident would be rounded up. As opposed to Sudanese and Rwandan counterparts, the Nazi’s made sure their Genocide would be complete and total

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