Genghis Kh The Great Khan Of The Mongolian Empire Essay

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Genghis Khan Genghis Khan was the first Great Khan of the Mongolian Empire. Even though he is not considered a humanist or a student of business he did quite a lot to expand both fields through his reign. The primary example is the revitalization of the Silk Road which lead to cultural diffusion and more trade within the conquered nations. In this paper we will be discussing how Genghis Khan came into power, and his cultural and economic impact on the world through the rebuilding of the Silk Road, and by relocating people throughout his empire. Genghis Khan was a chieftain of a small tribe in the steeples of what is now modern day Mongolia. During that time the other tribes in that area were fragmented but were still collectively called Mongols, similar to the Greeks before Alexander the Great conquered them. One of the differences however is that the Mongols were nomadic herders instead of city- states. To change this situation Genghis Khan started a civil war and went out and conquered all of the other tribes so that they had one national army. What allowed the rest of his empire to succeed unlike other conquerors is that he promoted officers in his army based on skill not on family ties and he broke ethnic ties within the various tribes. He also created a set of laws that governed almost all aspects of daily life and it was called the Yassa. Since the Mongols already had one of the best horse archers in the known world, due to the nomadic lifestyle that they had, the…

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