Argument Concerning Genetically Modified Organisms

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Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), are being heavily debated in the agricultural world. The process of making GMOs is called genetic engineering. GMOs are under a lot of fire for being unsafe and not beneficial to society, but the arguments against them are flawed. GMOs have many benefits to society so regulations for them need to be based on science and knowledge. GMOs are needed to help ease farmers work load, increase yield, and regulations need to be based of real science.
GMOS have been in use, on crops, for around 28 years in the United States alone. Some people still don’t know what GMOs do or what their purpose is: “Genetic engineering alters the properties of plants by moving genes between them or by modifying existing genes; genetic
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Plant breeding has been around since the 1700s and was precisely modified in the 1970s. While the early farmers just saved some of the seeds from a good crop and replanted them next year. Genetic engineering precisely modifies or changes the genes to produce a good crop. This means that for the past 315 years we have been using the best traits of crops to get the best results. Now fairly recently radical groups have been using emotional pitches to try and ban or regulate GMOs, while little do they know GMOs have been around and in use for 29 years. With the first field test of GMOs in 1986 and when the FDA said they aren’t dangerous in 1992. Mark Lynas, a once non-GMO activist and now a pro GMO activist, said this about the safety of GMOs: “There is nothing inherently wrong with moving genes around so long as the impacts are well studied and well understood” (Lynas 132). Non-GMO activist are basing their arguments off personal opinions. They need to base their arguments of facts, there is a lot of extensive research done and it is available on the …show more content…
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