Genetically Modified Organisms Or Gmo Essays

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Genetically Modified Organisms or GMO’s are a huge topic in today’s world. Although GMO’s have been around for the last few decades, it hasn’t been until recently that people are more concerned about the possible negative consequences/effects. GMO’s are organisms that are altered through genetic engineering so the DNA of the organism has one or more new genes when produced. This usually increases the quality and/or quantity of a product/organism and a few other factors. Many people are concerned on whether or not GMOs are actually beneficial for society, and are questioning if big corporations such as Monsanto should continue pushing genetically modified crops and animals to our people. GMO’s are particularly concerning to society due to the fact that there is a huge lack of regulation (long-term testing, labeling, etc), there are risk of potential health issues from infected crops/animals and superweeds/bugs, and GMOs cause genetic pollution, effectively causing agricultural and possible trade issues worldwide leading to loss of crops, jobs, life, and money (from pollution of patented genetics and losing jobs/crops). When people are made aware of the facts and taught of the dangers of GMOs, they can then act and make a decision if they want to include GMOs in their lives or avoid it. In this paper, we’ll determine the negative economic, agricultural, and social aspects that come along with the growing abundance and production of GMOs.
One of the main problems with GMOs and…

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