Genetically Modified Organisms ( Gmos ) And Will Explain How Gmos Are Made

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This paper will identify the purpose of the genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and will explain how GMOs are made. Since the 1980s, more research and technology has pushed for further use of GMOs in crops. During this time, the United States has mostly used GMOs in crops such as soy, corn, cotton, and canola. I will cover the different uses of GMOs from the introduction of these alternations until the present uses of today’s advancement in gene duplicating technologies. In this paper, key questions such as, which foods in the supermarket use GMOs and are those foods safe for consumption will be clearly explained. It will also cover the different types of regulations that exist for the foods that contain GMOs. Using the article, “FDA’s Role in Regulating Safety of GE Foods,” I will reference methods and facts on GMOs as governed by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

Keywords: GMOs, technology, food, regulations, FDA, genes, safety, supermarket,
Genetically Modified Organisms
The primary objective of this research paper is to identify what genetically modified organisms actually are and to provide a background on the purpose, safety, and regulations that govern GMOs. Organisms that are genetically modified to improve or change another organism are called genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Some scientists also refer to this as the transgenic process or the transfer of genes. Even though this may seem like new technology, scientists have been using this…

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