Genetically Modified Organisms ( Gmo ) Essay

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Think of the first taste of a favorite snack. Imagine the initial burst of flavor. Imagine the anticipation of the next bite. The pleasure of the sensations on the tongue is exquisite. Everyone should have this experience. Now imagine that the foods that compromise the snack are never damaged by disease or crop failure. Imagine that there is enough food to supply all nations. Imagine that researchers and scientists can modify foods in such a way as to enable all to experience.
A genetically modified organism (GMO) is classified as any organism that has had its genetic material altered using genetic engineering techniques (Genetically modified food, 2003).The DNA of crops is often altered by adding a piece of DNA from bacteria or another crop to make the altered crop better in terms of allergens, nutritional value, or environmental effects (What is GMO, 2013). Because of the alteration, GMOs have long been a globally controversial topic. Some are concerned that the GMOs may cause multiple health problems; others argue that the GMOs not only provide food for the hungry but also research and developmental jobs for scientists around the world. Although risks have developed in GMOs, the opportunity for expanded food supply and for additional jobs outweighs the few risks.
One of the major setbacks of GMOs includes the perceived development of health risks. While no scientific research has proven that GMOs can cause problems, many citizens feel otherwise. After observing cancerous…

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