Genetically Modified Organisms ( Gmo ) Essay

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- Genetically modified organisms (GMO’s), are organisms that have had their genetic material altered in a way that is not classified as naturally occurring (mating or natural recombination), but has been the result of human intervention.
- Concerns have immerged about the possible side effects that GM crops will have on our environment and the human body after consumption, as well as the possibility of economic distress.
- The introduction of GM crops could theoretically solve hunger crisis in undeveloped countries, as well as increasing yields due to stronger crops, producing more income for farmers.
- This essay will discuss some of the many advantages and disadvantages that potentially exist with the introduction of GMO’s.

- Genetically modified biotechnology has the potential ability to produce crops with enhanced consumer benefits, such as longer shelf life, leading to the production of less waste.
- Studies have shown that by increasing the Anthocyanins (pigment) and the production of antioxidants such as polyamines in tomato skin, results on the tomatoes keeping for longer during storage, and are less susceptible to tomato pathogens such as Botrytis cinerea.
- Disadvantage to this, is that all attempts have resulted in increased ripening time of tomatoes, along with a decrease in flavor and aroma.

- Biotechnology can introduce plants that survive harsh and extreme weather conditions, increasing nutrition and nourishment.
- Increases food security and livelihoods, as…

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