Essay on Genetically Modified Organisms ( Gmo )

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GMO a Go Mankind wants faster, cleaner, and more efficient ways to do almost everything. As soon as a product or procedure is conceived there are people that will try to improve said product in ways of speed or with less material to accomplish the same product. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) is a way of improving plants to be more efficient. There are many positive benefits of utilizing GMO plants. GMO plants will assist mankind in increased crop production and are more environmentally friendly at the same time.
There are several techniques scientist use to manipulate plant DNA or RNA all resulting in GMO. The oldest technique is crossbreeding, finding desirable traits from two different strains of plant and breeding them together using their pollen and flowers to make a new strain (Chien, “Genetically”). George Washington used crossbreeding techniques experimenting in his apple orchards in the 1700s (Weeks, “Genetically”). Gene silencing is another technique in which scientist can turn off specific genes. Gene-editing is the most controversial method because scientist can manipulate the plant’s genome by adding a foreign splice of DNA either from the same species of plant or from a different species of plant to enhance or give particle traits (Chien, “Genetically”). Many gene-splicing modifications can be made to plants that will improve a plant’s ability to grow and produce. Most vegetation is environmentally sensitive meaning that it can only be grown in specific…

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