Genetically Modified Organisms ( Gmo ) Essay

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Research Paper
The unknown is both an alluring factor that begs for more discovery as well as a frightening force that can deter people from associating themselves with it. The unknown has both avid followers who do not doubt the validity and positivity that it possesses but also haters who detest the uncertainty of the future. These same ideas are seen through Genetically Modified Foods (GMF) and their place in American society. They have both critics and praisers as well as support and opposition. The arguments of both sides for the use of genetically modified organisms (GMO) are important and should be taken into consideration. Higher yields can lead to the solution for struggling agrarian workers as they attempt to improve their economic standing as well as the US economy as a whole. However, major health risks are posed to humans by the consumption of GM (Genetically Modified) and unforeseen consequences can result. Additionally, the environmental harms that are associated with the use of GM foods are shown through the increase in pesticides as well as other unknown factors. The use of GM foods in the American society has vital benefits such as providing for the bettering of economic status, however, ultimately, the risks associated with the use of GM foods both environmentally and in association with human health far outweighs any potential benefits that may exist.
Farmer Benefit
Higher yields for farmers due to the use of GMF can lead to economic aid to farmers that…

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