Genetically Modified Organisms Carry Major Health Risks Essay

1930 Words Jan 29th, 2015 8 Pages
Humans have a natural tendency to prefer perfection and to judge by looks. If one tomato looks more red and round than another, that’s the one that will be selected at the supermarket. However, in this case, judging by good looks instead of quality is to the buyer’s disadvantage. Much of the food in America has been genetically modified to look and feel perfect, yet there are many risks that come along with it. While they may look pretty, genetically modified organisms carry major health risks, have harsh impact on the environment, and have significant impact in the production of corn which is one of America’s unhealthiest crops. Therefore, GMO production in the United States should be banned. Primarily, it is important to understand why and how GMOs can impact human health. I is because they weaken the immune system. GMOs are injected with man-made proteins that make them to be resistant to herbicide and to make food look better. These proteins were introduced only twenty years ago, and some people’s bodies still recognize them as foreign threats. This is especially harmful for those who have an autoimmune disease, which is “approximately 50 million Americans, 20 percent of the population ” (American Autoimmune Related Diseases, Inc.). However, GMOs also affect the health of anyone who eats them.
One of the biggest risks of consuming GMOs is that it can lead to cancer. Natural crops are edible and healthy, and risking one’s health by eating genetically modified foods is…

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