Genetically Modified Organisms And Its Use Essay

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What is a GMO? The GMOs (or “genetically modified organisms”) are organisms that have been created through the process of biotechnology, also called genetic engineering or GE (Non GMO Project, The author Tamara Thompson explained: “All of these words describe the same thing: taking a gene from one type of organism and adding it to DNA of another in order to introduce a new trait that does not naturally occur in the species.” The objectives of this method depends of the modified organism and its use. For example, an animal can be modified to produce more meat, or a plant can be modified to resist a plague or bacteria. The food industry is the most influenced for all genetically modified organisms. But, who is responsible for these products? The company Monsanto was among the first to genetically modify a plant cell. Monsanto develop GM seeds that would resist its own herbicide. Most of Americans known Monsanto because its sells weed killer to be put on our lawns; the ubiquitous weed killer name Roundup is the most well known of the products created by Monsanto. As a matter of fact, fifty countries, including France and Italy; have banned or restricted GMOs, while the US does not even require labeling. Under those circumstances, GM foods are deleterious to society because they cause long term health issues, they harm the environment, and they offer no economic advantages.
To begin with, for several years, companies have shield GMO products,…

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