Genetically Modified Organisms And Its Effects Essay

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Genetically Modified Organisms, more commonly known as GMOs, are organisms whose DNA has been scientifically modified by moving genes between different organisms that don’t naturally breed (Hirsch, 2014, para. 1). In other terms, GMOs have a gene in their DNA that researchers have added into it in order to improve the overall quality of that crop. Even though researchers have added strands of DNA to an organism, those organisms still look like the original organism (Ostrander, 2014).
According to dietician Jaime Mass, RDN, LDN, researchers originally created GMOs to boost crop yields and profits. “Most GMO crops were created to be pest-resistant, or to survive herbicide use. If crops aren’t killed by pesticides or little critters then we will grow more of that crop, make a lot more money, and potentially feed more people,” (Fetters, 2014). In a new study conducted by two agricultural economists at Germany’s University of Goettingen and also the authors of PLOS One, have found that GMOs have increased America’s crop yields by 22%, reduced the pesticide use by 37%, and have increased farmers profits by 68% (Bennett, 2014). So if GMOs were created to better improve the crop’s quality, why has the American public became concerned with GMOs and the health risks that they may pose?
It seems as though people are afraid of the idea that the food that they may be eating was created ‘unnaturally’ while in fact, according to Dr. Margaret Smith, a professor at Cornell University’s…

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