Genetically Modified Organisms And Genetic Engineering Essay

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Genetically Modified Organisms (a.k.a GMOs) is a term used to represent organisms and crops created using biotechnology and genetic engineering. It involves generating a class of organisms by integrating genetic information from different species using recombinant DNA biotechnology.

The first successful achievement in genetic engineering experiments using plants dates to the 1980 's1, 2, 3, where biotechnology introduced major approval of bacteria used to produce insulin for manufacturing in North America2. By the 90 's, transgenic foods in production included: corn1, tomatoes2, potatoes2, canola2, squash2, soybean2, 3, maize2, 3, and cotton2, 3.

First, a geneticist isolates a selected gene for advantageous traits using series of promoters and catalytic enzymes. Using agricultural biotechnology², these methods involve using genetic engineering techniques to reduce uncertainty and breeding periods also improve the quality of agriculture by introducing crops with desirable traits.

In order for DNA to undergo recombination, replication must occur to ensure that a sufficient supply is transferred, using PCR (Polymerase Chain Reactions). PCR is a method of molecular biology that amplifies single strand copies of genetic information³. After undergoing PCR, the reaction product is separated into its basic form using gel electrophoresis, according to sequence detected by ultraviolet light rays.

It is then inserted in the DNA of another organism. However, the product organism…

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