Genetically Modified Organisms : An Uproar Epidemic Within The United States

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Genetically modified organism, have been an uproar epidemic within the United States. The use of genetically modified have been a controversial topic for decades, whether they are harmful or not.Genetically modified organisms should not be used in our food products, not only because they harm our environment, causes a decrease in biodiversity in the plants, and are not fair to Americans who do not exactly what they are putting inside their bodies.

The public perceptions of and concerns over risks for the environment and human health deriving from the release of genetically modified organisms and their use as food and feed are the driving forces towards disseminating information. (Degrassi). Genetically modified organism (GMOs) is the result of when scientists take genes from one organism and insert the gene into another organism to create the desired traits in that organism.Genetic engineering of plants and animals began in the mid 1970s in the belief that the genome (the totality of all the genetic material of a species) is constant and static, and that the characteristics of organisms are simply hardwired in their genome. (Mae-Wan.) The first GMOs were introduced in the second half of 1980s for industrial production of medicinal products.2 Since then, there has been a considerable debate and discussion on the real and/or perceived risks involved in the deliberate release of GM crops. Scientists, lawmakers and people welfare activists were divided on the unprecedented…

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