Essay on Genetically Modified Organism ( Gmo ) Used Towards Food

973 Words Mar 28th, 2015 4 Pages
Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) used towards food have been highly controversial since the practice started in the 1970’s. Since becoming officially announced in 1996, the controversy has only intensified, feeling a strong resistance from environmentalists, scientists and religious leaders. While scientists, practicing the use of modifying organism, insist the practice is safe, many feel that this is a dangerous practice leading to many health issues today. Before people judge the use of GMOs, it is important that everyone first understand exactly the details of the practice. Once people understand the use of GMOs, then there needs to be a determination if this practice is really behind the rise in common health risks. First, what needs to be explained is exactly GMO’s are and taking a look from the Pro-GMO scientist’s perspectives to possible see how they feel this practices is save. Then taking a look on the other side of the coin is the movement to end the use of GMO’s and remain with the natural practice this world has seen to been fine with throughout history. Weighing the two with help people as whole hole better determine which path they may want to take in either supporting or avoiding consuming genetically modified food. So what exactly is GMO’s and what cause scientists to even resort to starting this type of research and production? “A GMO is a plant, microbe, or animal whose genetic material has been intentionally altered through genetic…

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