Genetically Modified Green Eggs And Ham Essay

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Genetically Modified Green Eggs and Ham Technological advancement has tremendously changed the way the average American lives. In effect of this new technology, human population is increasing by the second. In order to meet the needs of all humans, scientists have begun looking to genetic engineering to increase the amount and size of food produced. Crops that have been genetically modified are known as GMOs. GMOs have been a heated subject of debate ever since they were introduced in 1980, and while they do have both positives and negatives, the negatives surely outweigh the positives. Humans should not upset Earth’s balance by altering food and, in effect, increase the population by unnatural means. Due to harmful effects of GMOs on the well-being of humans and the environment, the F.D.A. should ban G.M.O.s. Farmers are particularly affected by GMOs. Large corporations, such as Monsanto, have an enormous monopoly over the food industry. Monsanto sues farmers who save GM seeds for reuse. Before Monsanto had as much control over farmers as they do today, farmers typically saved their seeds and reused them because it was cost effective. Now that Monsanto controls the vast majority of farmers’ land with GM crops, it is illegal to save the seeds used because it causes Monsanto to lose profit (Monsanto). GM seeds often mutate, causing superweeds and superbugs. Farmers must resort to using strong chemicals to kill them, and in turn, destroying their land. Overtime, the seeds…

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