Genetically Modified Foods Should Be Allowed Around The World

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GM food should be allowed around the world

Currently, genetically modified foods are such an embedded part of our food system. There have been 33 years since 1982 FDA approved the first GMO appears on the market, but it still has some controversies on genetically modified food. Most of controversies surrounding the safety of genetically modified foods, the environment problem, the economic growth and other issues. Some people think genetically modified food are not good while others believe that is not true. This essay will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of genetically modified food and argue that genetically modified foods should be allowed around the world.

The genetically modified foods can cause many new problems for farmers and people who eat it. Since people began to plant and eat genetically modified food, the bad news of genetically modified foods never stop. In 2001, professor Goldstein, the teacher of genetics in University of Cambridge has done an experiment. He randomly selected 300 students in the school to participate in the experiment. He asked 300 students to only eat genetically modified food in three months. There are 0.14% of people who eat genetically modified foods feel uncomfortable(Paturel & Yamakawa, 2015). The research reveals genetically modified foods are affect people 's health(Paturel & Yamakawa, 2015). They are also illustrates some potential hazards of genetically modified foods(Paturel & Yamakawa, 2015). For example, more…

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