Benefits Of Genetically Modified Foods

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Genetically modified foods, or GMOs, are foods whose DNA has been altered through genetic engineering. The goal of genetic engineering is to add DNA into an organism manually which will lead to new traits that weren’t in the original organism. This engineering can be done in either animals, bacteria, plants, or any type of organism and is performed to bring forth new traits along with having a better control over the traits. Genetic engineering is different from traditional breeding. Trait improvement in traditional breeding is limited to the existing traits within the species. In traditional breeding, the parents each pass half of their genes onto their offspring, which may include genes that are unwanted. On the other hand, genetically engineered …show more content…
Possible harms that could occur is someone having an allergic reaction, harmful changes in the food which could also make the food toxic, not having as much nutrients as needed for the body, and much more. Along with harms, there are also many benefits to genetic engineered foods. These foods can have better resistant toward pesticides, diseases, and any unwanted weeds along with having better flavor, texture, and nutritional value. GM foods also are able to have a longer life so it is much easier for stores to keep the food for a longer period of time. This can become a very important way to feed the world because without there being genetically modified foods, there wouldn’t be as much food as there is now. Even now, there isn’t enough food to feed everyone, there are many people who aren’t able to get any food at all.
Since this issue concerns our food supply, there has been a lot of attention and thought being put into this process of whether labeling GMOs would be beneficial to us or hurtful. The safety of genetically modified foods has not been tested yet for human consumption which can be dangerous because just in America, “around 70% of processed foods contain some sort of genetically engineered ingredients” (The Editors, 2013). For consumers who care about their food, labeling GMO products will
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There are a lot of people on this planet who are not educated or some who have very little education. They will now know what GMOs are so industries should label their food to help them understand what actually is in that food. Since they would not know a lot about GMOs, they have a higher chance of getting sick or having any types of problems from that food. They will not be able to tell what was used in the making of the food which could lead into a serious problem. Since food consumption is a major part of our lives and we need food to survive, it would be better for all of us if we knew what we were eating. Not only will it give us a peace in mind but we will also gain knowledge of what actually is in the food that we’re holding in our hands at the grocery store. This can help the public stay healthy and not eat anything that is not right for them. Especially since these foods have had their DNA’S altered with another food’s DNA, labeling the food products would let us know if there is anything in the food that can cause harm to our body. This way, we will have a better understanding of what we’re consuming and how it will affect us. However, there still is a chance that industries won’t put all the ingredients and injected material that was inserted into the food, it would still be a good idea to at least start labeling the food. This is very important

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