Genetically Modified Foods And Non Gmo Foods Essay

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As America moves towards efficiency and mass production, the agricultural industry follows the same pattern. One of the more recent developments for mass production and decreased costs of food production. Numerous questions and concerns surrounding the safety and impact on human’s health preceded this new introduction. Genetically modified organisms, GMOs for short, have been at the center of congressional hearing and federal agencies, such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The question is, should this be a concern for American consumers? Even though GMO ingredients produce cheaper food, there should be a method for consumers to distinguish between GMO and non-GMO foods in order to assess their own risk of consumption.
Regardless testing and safety standards of the FDA, the legitimacy of this extensive testing recently fell into question. The article, "Genetically Modified Foods Could Pose Numerous Health Risks,” illustrated this question by stating, “the FDA ignored their scientists, and doesn 't require a single safety test” on many GMO products. The problem is not from the FDA not demanding testing, the issue is a lack of recognition of reason to stop the use of or label genetically modified products. The Food & Water Watch wrote, the “FDA does not require the labeling” of genetically engineered food products. Even with FDA’s testing and knowledge of health concerns, the food industry is only held accountable when they deliberately label a product as “GMO free”…

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