Genetically Modified Foods And Its Impact On The Body Essay

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Genetically modified foods have been a widely debated topic as of late. Since the first genetically modified crops were approved in the United States around the same time that technology became a significant resource, individuals have been using the internet as a source of information regarding GMOs. Through his research, Rangel (2015) determined that the number of Google searches for “GMOs” has dramatically increased since late 2012. When I entered “GMOs” into the search engine, hardly any of the results were published through credible mediums. Therefore, I have concluded that numerous individuals are receiving inaccurate information regarding this topic. Throughout this paper, I will be explaining what GMOs are, their intended purpose, and how they affect the body. Once you are presented with factual information regarding this topic, forming a solid opinion will become a simple task. First of all, it is essential that you understand what a GMO is. Most people know what the acronym stands for, but do they truly comprehend what a genetically modified organism is? A genetically modified organism is a plant or an animal that has had its genome manipulated by a scientist using biotechnological methods (Powell, 2015). As Powell (2015) continues to point out, genetically modified organisms do not include organisms that have been produced via selective breeding, animals altered after receiving hormone supplements or antibiotics, or abnormally large plants and animals. In…

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