Essay on Genetically Modified Foods ( Abbreviated G.m )

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Mark Lynas. A name that once opposed the existence of GM foods. But this name among millions have converted to genetically modified foods (Abbreviated G.M. Foods or G.M.O. for genetically modified organism). In the past Lynas has opposed GM foods and 15 years ago, even participated in vandalizing field trials in Britain. after writing two books on the the science of climate change he realized that he couldn’t oppose a scientific consensus on the issue of climate change while opposing the consensus on genetically modified foods. Lynas also talks of his travels to Nairobi, Kenya where he met Mohammed Rahman, an eggplant farmer. Rahman has been growing pest-resistant eggplants that were produced via genetic modification. A gene transferred from a soil bacterium known as bacillus thuringiensis, also abbreviated Bt, which produces a protein that kills a species of moth, Fruit and Snoot Borer, which lays eggs onto the eggplant which the larvae feed on.The protein kills the insects without the need for pesticides and is non toxic to humans and other insects alike.

Millions of dollars have been spent on GM research proving the safety of them. Who funded the research really doesn’t matter. The evidence is here, yet people look away from it. Extensive research on the safety of genetically modified foods have shown it to be safe for human and animal consumption.

Chipotle today has thrown the towel in. Chipotle has stated that it will no longer serve GM foods. The negative impact…

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