Genetically Modified Food Should Be Banned Essay

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Genetically Modified Food Should Be Banned
Eriane Jesus
St. Petersburg College

Genetically Modified Food Should Be Banned

Should genetically modified food be banned around world… or not? Since the food became one of the most important ingredient to the humanity. People really need to be careful and learn more about genetically modified foods because it can cause bad things to the environment and to the people too. Although some people support genetically modified food, the truth is that GMF should be banned because it can cause human diseases, it can damage the environment and it has already been banned in other countries.
Some people believe that GM food does not cause diseases to human body. For one thing they say it is that GM food save starving people who do not have enough money to buy food. However, the truth is that genetically modified food can damage human body with many different diseases. In the article “Future Food,” the author Martha Crouch said there are a lot of U.S populations that are concerned about food supply regarding “pesticides, an epidemic of obesity and diabetes, and growing corporate control over food that was once produced in America” (Appell, 2003, par. 16). She is basically worried about the American population and how GMF can lead to health consequences. Another view from Crouch is that she also concerns about GM foods on the category which “they could be having very widespread and serious consequences that we won’t know…

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