Genetically Modified Food Is Dangerous And Poisonous Elements That Damage The Health Of The Consumer

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The term “Genetically Modified Organisms” refers to organisms, whether plants, animals, or microbes, that have had their genomes manipulated to contain specific DNA sequences (1). However, this paper is going to focus on Genetically Modified Food. Besides the modification for a higher quality production, food is being modified technologically for either consumer or producer advantages. Nevertheless, genetically modified food has not been completely accepted by the public in general. There are many facts and explanations by which some people have got the idea that genetically modified food has dangerous and poisonous elements that damage the health of the consumer. By the other side, people have gotten the idea that genetically modified food is a more advanced idea to supplement food necessities in countries were food production is an arduous process that makes the supplementing harder for the consumer to afford. By the opposite beliefs, specialists have been studying genetically modified food focusing on people’s views, the legal systems, safety, and objective and subjective knowledge as determinants on food acceptance, as well as advantages and disadvantages. (Ujj, pp. 78)
Uses of the Genetically Modified Food Although Genetically Modified Food is one of the greatest helpers to supply today’s food demand, it has also other uses for the good of producers and consumers. According to “The effects of consumer’s subjective and objective knowledge on perceptions and attitude…

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