Genetically Modified Food ( Gmos ) Essay

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In today’s society Genetically Modified Food (GMOs) can be found and purchased in most farmers markets across the United States. Genetically modified food is designed to resist or tolerate pesticides, insects, and viruses (Segen’s Medical Dictionary). When changing the DNA makeup of an organism it alters the gene pool and can in fact lead to an unstable living environment. Genetically modified food is harmful not only to humans but to all organisms living in close proximity to GMOs food crops. Genetically modified foods are enhanced to adapt to different environments by genetically altering the genes of an organism by altering the genes is becomes unhealthy for human consumption. Monsanto is a major corporation that is responsible for producing three fourths of Americas genetically modified seeds. In the 1990’s Monsanto started a study that fed genetically modified tomatoes too rats so they could record the effects for research purposes. The rats in the study started to develop legions inside of their stomachs shortly after consuming the genetically altered tomato. At the conclusion of the study only seven of the original forty rats survived. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reviewed the data from the study and made a statement that said genetically modified food could in fact be a potential threat. The FDA said more research is needed because GMOs could possibly be linked to deadly toxins that are responsible for several different diseases. GMOs should be a major…

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