Genetically Modified Food ( Gmo ) Essay

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Bioengineering of food, which is the process of producing genetically modified food (GMO) has always been an controversial issue since the first GMO, humulin, was approved by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1982 (Woolsey, 2012). The process involves the introduction of one or multiple genes of an organism into the DNA of another through the method of genetic engineering in order to obtain new and beneficial characteristics. GMO is not only known as genetically modified food, but it is also called biotech crops or transgenic organisms. There are reasons as to why it is such a controversial issue but let me first explain the objective of producing genetically modified food.

The first GMO approved by FDA, humulin (an insulin made by genetically engineered E. coli bacteria) was produced to become an alternative for insulin, which was initially extracted from pancreas of cows and pigs to treat people who suffer from diabetes. Because of this first invention, scientists realized about the many possibility that GMO can bring and therefore, they are producing more and more GMO nowadays. One of the impetuses that encourage the development and advancement of GMO, I believe, is the issue of starvation all around the world, especially in the poor countries. GMO is truly needed to help reduce world hunger. World hunger can be diminished by producing seeds that are resistant to insects, drought, extreme weather and other hostile conditions. For instance, the use of GM corn…

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